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Wild Wolf

Well, it's about time! Sorry for the publishing hiatus. There was a bit of an intervening life issue, and I'm pleased to announce that Wild Wolf: The Wolf Shifters of Raven Ridge Book Two is a full-length novel, so it took a little longer to write! Click to buy it or read it on KU here.

Wild Wolf explores some darker themes, but of course it is still full of that hot steamy romance that I know you all love. Sam Stone, our hero, is wild, but in a good sort of way.

When sexy wolf shifter Sam Stone hears Sasha Green singing in church, he's determined to have her join his band... and come to his bed. But Sasha has lived under her parents' strict rules for a long time and doesn't quite know how to let her hair down.

Curvy Sasha has had a crush on Sam since high school, and he sets everything in her body on fire, but she has promised her dying mother that she will date Ben Collins, a good church-going boy and family friend.

To make matters worse, her police detective father isn't very fond of shifters, and there is a predator stalking women in Raven Ridge. 

Can Sam keep Sasha safe, win over her parents, and convince her to pursue her singing career and explore her wild side?  

Make sure you check it out! And stay tuned. Book three is coming soon.

Falling and Lone Wolf

After a brief hiatus in which I had to finish a novel and a short for one of my pen names, I'm happy to announce that I have another novella coming out in two weeks on December 7 called Lone Wolf: Book One of the Wolf Shifters of Raven Ridge. This novella is a bit longer than my other ones with plenty of steamy scenes.

When veterinarian Delany Nichols meets bad boy rancher Leif Pierce sparks fly, but Leif is a wolf shifter and his brothers expect to share his new mate. But Leif has always been a lone wolf and he wants luscious Delany all to himself. 

Watch for Lone Wolf to be available for pre-order very soon, and Book Two in the series will be out before Christmas. 

In addition, I just released Falling, a boxed set of my White Peaks series with all four books and a bonus short story about Alissa and Cade's wedding night for $2.99 (and on special right now for $1.99). Existing mailing list subscribers who have already read the other books in the White Peaks series and don't want to buy the boxed set can email me at tessaclarkeauthor@gmail.com and I will send you a copy of the short story.

Nightfall Live

Another month of non-blogging, because I have been busy writing! Unfortunately it hasn't been all in my shifter romance series. I write fantasy novels under a pen name and had a novel due this month. I also got invited to be on six panels at a science fiction fantasy conference, which was super fun, but didn't lead to a lot of blogging.

Despite all that, Nightfall, the fourth book in my Cat Shifters of White Peaks is now live. You can get it on Amazon.com here and I am sure it will migrate out to the other sites within a day or so. It's the story of Astrid and Chance. For those of you following my series, I'm happy to say that Astrid finally found a man who thinks she's everything he could possibly want, or rather he found her.

I'm offering free review copies of this novella to my subscribers until Oct 19, so if you are on my list, and want a free copy in exchange for an honest review, send me an email at tessaclarkeauthor@gmail.com 

Stay beautiful!



Starfall and Sweetfall Live

Not a lot of blogging this month because I've been busy writing, and working at the #dreadeddayjob, but that's another story.

Starfall, Jolene and Dylan's story, has been live for a week in the kindle store. Check out the links here. I also just published Sweetfall, Zoey and Flynn's story. You can buy it here:




Check out the sexy cover. 

In the last month, I've moved from writing action adventure fantasy (under another name) to writing paranormal romance about shifters, and I've realized that I love writing about shifters, and about love (and sex!).

I used to be a bit cynical about love and happily ever afters, but writing about it has actually changed my thinking. Creating sexy, satisfying heroes, who are sensitive but also very manly, is a great way to spend one's days, and I'm actually carrying my new thoughts into my own relationship. That is the transformative power of romance and I love it.

Stay tuned as I will be offering free review copies of my wolf shifters series in late October.

Enjoy reading! Stay beautiful.

~ Tessa 

Freefall Live

Freefall is now live in the Kindle Store. You can find it on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca Amazon.co,uk and all the other good places that Amazon serves. I also just finished the edits on Starfall, Dylan and Jolene's story, so that should be up by the end of this week. Sweetfall, Zoey and Flynn's story is also coming along nicely. It has been so much fun to set these stories at White Peaks Ski Resort in Montana, a fictional place of course, but one like many of the great Western U.S. ski resorts that I have visited. I might do some spin off stories based on other characters in the first three stories like Astrid, and Chance and maybe even Renate and Nadia. If there is someone you want to hear more about in particular, please be sure to let me know! I am also going to start offering read and review copies soon so be sure to sign up for my mailing list if you're interested.

Stay beautiful!


Writing About Shifters

I never imagined writing about shifters, love, and hot sex could be so much fun. I've always tended to write about more serious issue, but this summer I decided to throw caution to the wind and write about things that I actually know a lot about...  okay maybe I don't know a lot about shifters, but two out of three isn't bad :-).

Freefall is the first book in my Cat Shifters of White Peaks series of short steamy BBW romances. It takes us through Cade and Alissa's story. Alissa may be a hot skier that has caught ski pro Cade Danforth's eye, but will she be hot for Cade once she finds out he's a shifter? Freefall is almost ready to go, and it will be followed in two weeks by Starfall, Dylan and Jolene's story, and as a bonus, you will get to hear more about Cade and Alissa in Starfall. There might even be a wedding!

I hope you enjoy reading Freefall as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you want to hear about new releases and other exciting news, be sure to join my mailing list.

Stay beautiful!