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Writing About Shifters

I never imagined writing about shifters, love, and hot sex could be so much fun. I've always tended to write about more serious issue, but this summer I decided to throw caution to the wind and write about things that I actually know a lot about...  okay maybe I don't know a lot about shifters, but two out of three isn't bad :-).

Freefall is the first book in my Cat Shifters of White Peaks series of short steamy BBW romances. It takes us through Cade and Alissa's story. Alissa may be a hot skier that has caught ski pro Cade Danforth's eye, but will she be hot for Cade once she finds out he's a shifter? Freefall is almost ready to go, and it will be followed in two weeks by Starfall, Dylan and Jolene's story, and as a bonus, you will get to hear more about Cade and Alissa in Starfall. There might even be a wedding!

I hope you enjoy reading Freefall as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you want to hear about new releases and other exciting news, be sure to join my mailing list.

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