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Starfall and Sweetfall Live

Not a lot of blogging this month because I've been busy writing, and working at the #dreadeddayjob, but that's another story.

Starfall, Jolene and Dylan's story, has been live for a week in the kindle store. Check out the links here. I also just published Sweetfall, Zoey and Flynn's story. You can buy it here:




Check out the sexy cover. 

In the last month, I've moved from writing action adventure fantasy (under another name) to writing paranormal romance about shifters, and I've realized that I love writing about shifters, and about love (and sex!).

I used to be a bit cynical about love and happily ever afters, but writing about it has actually changed my thinking. Creating sexy, satisfying heroes, who are sensitive but also very manly, is a great way to spend one's days, and I'm actually carrying my new thoughts into my own relationship. That is the transformative power of romance and I love it.

Stay tuned as I will be offering free review copies of my wolf shifters series in late October.

Enjoy reading! Stay beautiful.

~ Tessa