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Wild Wolf

Well, it's about time! Sorry for the publishing hiatus. There was a bit of an intervening life issue, and I'm pleased to announce that Wild Wolf: The Wolf Shifters of Raven Ridge Book Two is a full-length novel, so it took a little longer to write! Click to buy it or read it on KU here.

Wild Wolf explores some darker themes, but of course it is still full of that hot steamy romance that I know you all love. Sam Stone, our hero, is wild, but in a good sort of way.

When sexy wolf shifter Sam Stone hears Sasha Green singing in church, he's determined to have her join his band... and come to his bed. But Sasha has lived under her parents' strict rules for a long time and doesn't quite know how to let her hair down.

Curvy Sasha has had a crush on Sam since high school, and he sets everything in her body on fire, but she has promised her dying mother that she will date Ben Collins, a good church-going boy and family friend.

To make matters worse, her police detective father isn't very fond of shifters, and there is a predator stalking women in Raven Ridge. 

Can Sam keep Sasha safe, win over her parents, and convince her to pursue her singing career and explore her wild side?  

Make sure you check it out! And stay tuned. Book three is coming soon.