The lighting in the dressing room was remarkably flattering and Jolene felt downright sexy in her black lace bra and panties. The material of the dress felt cool and light against her skin, almost like she was naked, and she suppressed a shiver. She wished she was going to a Valentine’s event, a special one for just her and some hot guy that involved him removing this dress. She was thrilled to be going to Alissa and Cade’s wedding, of course, but she wanted someone to touch her and love her the way she could see that Cade did for Alissa.

The dress seemed to be made of magic material because somehow suddenly she felt smokingly hot and sensual, her long blonde hair falling in a smooth curtain over the red of the fabric.

When she emerged from the dressing room to check her reflection in the larger mirror, the woman stood waiting with a broad smile.

“It suits you. You look lovely.”

Jolene cast her eyes at the floor and then turned carefully in front of the mirror trying to check the view from behind. “You don’t think it’s too… tight, maybe,” she said.

“Not at all,” the woman replied. “That dress was made for you, and it would be criminal if you didn’t wear it.”

The bell tinkled again, and they both turned to see Alissa walk in the shop, snowflakes sparkling in her dark-hair and her cheeks rosy from the cold. She wore the secretive and sublime smile that hadn’t seemed to vanish from her face since she had met Cade. Whatever that man did to her in the bedroom, and all rooms of the house, from the sound of it, it seemed to make her glow from within. Maybe shifters were the way to go. Better than the self-centered and arrogant doctors Jolene had always dated in the past. Jolene felt a surprising warmth gather between her legs at the prospect.

“You have to buy that dress,” Alissa announced. “It’s perfect.”

Jolene turned back to the mirror and had to admit she was pleased with her appearance. “You think?”

“Buy it. You’ll knock everyone’s pants off tomorrow night.”

This somehow made the warmth turn into wetness, and Jolene nodded then fled to the change room to get dressed.